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Share Special Times With Friends at Playthings & Pastimes

Playthings & Pastimes came into being in the summer of 1983.

I am not sure where the idea came from but we say it stems from my motherís Bye-Lo baby doll.  It is a very real looking baby doll, modeled after a three day old baby.  It was said that it would never sell which of course it it did. I was never allowed to touch it.  It was kept wrapped in motherís bottom drawer, gotten out on very special occasions.

Because of our love of dolls and the fact that we are pack rats, we have most of the dolls that we have been given. My mother has and played with, her motherís dolls. I, as you can see from above, was not allowed to play with my motherís dolls, but I was given a doll every Christmas!  Some of those dolls we still have here.  Others were given away to younger children, some of those I still wish I had!  But my favorites were kept.

When we moved to Maine, we decided that it might be fun to take all the dolls from both of our houses, combine them and share them with others who are interested in dolls. And so, Playthings & Pastimes was born.

We have a nice sampling of the various kinds of dolls.  Most have been loved by a child along the way and others have been gathered to show how dolls have changed but stayed the same through the years.

The museum gives us great pleasure and I think that the people who have found us have also enjoyed our dolls.

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