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Million Dollar Idea

Grace Storey Putnam had an idea for a baby doll.  Dolls of the day were mostly little girl dolls, with composition bodies and bisque heads.  The bodies were jointed and could bend and little girls loved them because it was what they had, but cuddly, they weren’t.

Grace Putnam wanted a soft cuddly baby doll.

So she looked at and made her doll’s head using the shape and features of a three day old baby.  If you have seen a three day old baby then you know that they do not have the most beautiful face in the world.  But when children saw the dolls, they loved them. The dolls had soft “frog” shaped body, made for cuddling, bisque heads, sleep eyes and celluliod hands. And the story goes that Grace Storey Putnam made a million dollars with her doll.

Do, come and see, our Bye-Lo Baby doll here at Playthings and Pastimes.

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